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SEO & WordPress consultantBen – aka The SEO Guy:  “I’ve been an IT manager & consultant for some 25 years, a website designer and search engine optimisation consultant for 20 years. In that time,  I have built / rebuilt / re-engineered and optimised sites in almost every conceivable genre and scale in NZ, AU, UK and the USA.

That experience gives me an intuitive ability to visualise what (most) clients require to solve their particular requirements. From the briefest of functional outlines I can usually come up with something pretty close to what’s wanted – on the first cut!

Expert SEO Consultant Services

No false modesty or bragging here – as far as I am aware, there are few WordPress web designers in Australasia with a similar SEO consulting expertise and the range of skills and experience that I can bring to bear on a project! And there is damn sure no one with the passion I have for getting a job done on time and within budget. When consulted, I give a project quote and accept a deposit payment, and then I’m committed 100% to a successful outcome… I work quickly and efficiently, and I can usually produce miracles in moments! Any project delays are invariably at the client’s end, in terms of me waiting for them to supply material.”

I’ve worked with many ecommerce and content management systems – Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, Xenforo etc, plus WordPress since v1.5.  I have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience in WP SEO consulting, design & implementation. I also deliver expert WP consultancy on;

Regardless of your requirements, I’m the right New Zealand SEO consultant to help resolve your particular issues.

I have related websites, albeit with different content, that focus on website design / redesign and search engine optimisation. These offer extensive information on both topics;

  • Website Redesign – www.Website-Redesign-Company.co
  • Website Maintenance – www.websitemaintenanceservices.co.nz

Please contact the NZ SEO expert for professional assistance and a 100% guarantee of personal service!