Have Your Google Rankings Dropped Suddenly?

A number of reputable SEO authorities report a great deal of ranking turbulence from 1 Feb 2017. They attribute that to Google implementing new mechanisms to detect and discount Private Blog Network links. As a general rule, any aggressive link building efforts are high-risk.

WP Security Issues

How to Implement Basic WordPress Security Measures

Wordpress security breaches are not an uncommon occurrence. WordPress-powered websites are far from being immune to hackers, although the latest release/s address many earlier security issues. WordPress, like other content management systems and forums such as phpBB, vBulletin, is a major target for hackers and spammers. Basic prophylactic measures need not be complicated or expensive.


Attacks on WordPress -Blackhole & Phoenix Exploit Kit

Attacks on WordPress are not just based on brute force login efforts. Blackhole Exploit Kit,¬†Blackhole Exploit Kit Detection, Phoenix Exploit Kit, Rogue Scanner and JS Redir attacks are currently the most prevalent of all website¬† threats globally. These can destroy your website’s online reputation and drive your visitors elsewhere. Malware may be installed onto visitors …

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What is SEO and How it Works

Despite the many and varied articles written on how SEO is done, most people have only a vague appreciation of WHY it is absolutely essential. As the economic downturn bites into revenue streams, can you afford to ignore a key website business strategy?

Splash Pages

Flash Pages & Splash Intros

Using a “splash” or “intro” animation on a pseudo-Home page, followed by a redirect to the intended Home page, severely impedes good search rankings. Despite the volumes of warnings about incorrect use of Flash, I still see entire sites constructed with it. The problem is, its audience is severely constrained because Google will never send visitors to it because its entire content is completely and utterly invisible…

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