WordPress SEO Tutorial

This WordPress SEO tutorial continues on from the earlier Basic WordPress SEO article. we still have a few more cards up our sleeve that we can play to gain some additional Advanced WP SEO traction. One important aspect is getting relevant exact-match keyword search phrases distributed across multiple on and off page elements. Search engines …

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How To SEO WordPress

How to SEO WordPress is a question almost all WP site owners ask – eventually. Search engine optimisation (WP SEO) options are many and varied. Picking the right options makes a huge difference to SERPs (search engine results pages) outcomes. There’s also a complication with many new design themes being distributed with SEO functionality already …

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Content Management Systems & SEO Revisited

Two years ago, in an article entitled “Content Management Systems Equal Business Suicide” I suggested that at that time, CMS applications were inherently devoid of basic SEO functionality. Using existing CMS versions of 2 years ago consigned many sites to the oblivion of Google’s supplementary index. Since then, things have changed markedly.

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