Website Content

Website content has always been issue… Creating excellent topic-based posts that provide information, answers and technical assistance has always been the hallmark of a good website. The most helpful content is written by people for people – not for search engines. Finding the premium content gems in the web wildernes has always been a challenge.

However, since 2022 Google has been ruthlessly thinning out the crap content from SERPs results. From link spam to keyword stuffing, from AI-generated trivia to duplicated content… This presents a challenge to most webmasters because many of the mainstream SEO techniques that were accepted as best practices are now forbidden. To stay above the fray, its important to assess every page on your website and revise it to comply with Google’s revised spam policies…

Bad Content – Flash, Wussy Words, No USP or CTA

Using a “splash” or “intro” animation on a pseudo-Home page, followed by a redirect to the intended Home page, severely impedes good search rankings. Despite the volumes of warnings about incorrect use of Flash, I still see entire sites constructed with it. The problem is, its audience is severely constrained because Google will never send visitors to it because its entire content is completely and utterly invisible…

Website Content Duplication Issues

Of all the website content frustrations I endure, most frequent is the failure on the part of others to undestand the inherent value of descriptive accuracy and uniqueness of page content.