Can’t Find Your Site on Google?

Google indexing issuesGoogle indexing issues: if you wonder why your site does not appear in a search on Google, you can quickly check if its actually being indexed… try the following search;

“” and of course, replace “yoursite” with the URL or YOUR site!

This should produce a list of all the pages in your site that Google has found, and decided were worthy of indexing. If no pages were found then you need to call The SEO Guy! 🙂

Google offers several similar little tools, and each of these provides useful information about your site, and an insight into the way Google “sees” it. In a Google search box, just type the operator and your domain name (less the http://www/ portion as per the previous example.)

Operator Description Search Format
site: Indexed pages in your site
allinurl: Pages that refer to your site’s URL
link: Pages that link to your site
cache: The current cache of your site
info: Information we have about your site
related: Pages that are similar to your site

Google Webmaster Account: Sitemaps

Signing up for a Google SiteMaps account is also a good move as a great deal of extra information about your site – as Google’s sees it – is available. This includes Crawl and Index errors, and also a range of Crawl & Index statistics. It is possible to gain an insight into what keywords Google associates with your site – both from the site itself, and from the sites that link to it! The errors (if any) are very important, as they may reveal sound reasons for google not indexing your site fully.

Whilst submitting a sitemap is in itself no guarantee of inclusion, or of rankings, it can help get all pages indexed and at the same time ensure that appropriate emphasis is placed on the most important pages. E.g. that the Product/Services pages are treated as more important than the About Us, Privacy Statement etc pages.

If your site does not show up in the search, you certainly have a problem that you need to get to the bottom of! There can be a variety of reasons for exclusion from Search Engine indexes, including;

  • Insufficient incoming links – some Search Engines think that if no one links to you, then you are not indexing…
  • You have duplicate content – multiple domain names pointing to the same pages
  • Other transgressions such as hidden text, excessive use of doorway pages, cloaking etc

If you cannot figure it out, feel free to contact us for assistance because we get to deal with these kinds of issues every day!