How to Use Semantic Indexing

Semantic Indexing Explained

Keyword research tools - SEOLogical and lexical semantic indexing are concepts whereby your website is also assessed on content other than the keywords that you are obviously targeting in the on-page and off-page elements of the site.

Partly, this is to combat using keywords to draw traffic to content unrelated to the keywords – as porn, gambling and pharmacy spam sites are inclined to do. (Expert SEO NZ consultants will take care to avert inappropriate keywords in content as part of the optimising process.)

More importantly, it is because there is a very high mathematical probability that a web site that is genuinely about a specific topic ALSO includes multiple iterations of related words, phrases and terms e.g.;

  • Nouns, verbs and adjective variations
  • Word derivations
  • Synonyms
  • Hypernyms
  • Hyponyms
  • Business-specific terminology
  • Industry jargon and acronyms

This aspect of content is considered carefully within our business SEO packages, and helps prevent keyword stuffing and over-optimization of primary phrases targeted on the pages.

Search Engines & the Semantic Web

Therefore, the major search engine algorithms now apply the concepts of “semantic indexing” and take into account all word relationships within the site.

Semantics is the branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning. The 2 primary facets are;

  1. Logical Semantics: sense and reference, presupposition and implication
  2. Lexical Semantics: the analysis of word meanings and relations between them

Whilst an algorithm might lack “intelligence,” the various patented mechanisms deliver extremely accurate relevancy assessments. To apply the concept to your site, its a matter of NOT over-loading your page with primary keywords (spamming) but instead, using variations to more accurately describe your topic or theme; E.g. using the term “SEARCH” the following options appear;

Variations or derived words; searcher, searched, searching,

Synonyms: – query, queried, querying, seeking, looking, finding

Hypernym: activity, examination, examine, higher cognitive process, investigate, investigating, investigation, look into, operation, scrutiny, see.
> Synonym: explore, hunt, hunting, look, look for, lookup, research, seek.
> Hyponym: angle, beat about, browse, cast about, cast around, comb, cruise, divine, drag, dredge, exploration, feel, finger, fish, forage, foraging, frisk, frisking, fumble, gather, go, go after, grope, grub, hunt, leave no stone unturned, looking, looking for, manhunt, nose, poke, prospect, pry, pursuance, pursue, pursuit, quest, quest after, quest for, raid, ransack, ransacking, re-explore, rifle, rummage, scan, scour, scouring, seek out, seeking, shakedown, shop, strip-search, surf, want.
> Derived: searcher

> Hypernym: activity, examination, higher cognitive process, investigating, investigation, operation, scrutiny.
> Synonym: hunt, hunting, lookup.
> Hyponym: exploration, forage, foraging, frisk, frisking, hunt, looking, looking for, manhunt, pursuance, pursuit, quest, ransacking, rummage, scouring, seeking, shakedown.

> Derived: searcher.
> Synonym: explore, look, look for, research, seek.
> Hypernym: examine, investigate, look into, see.
> Hyponym: angle, beat about, browse, cast about, cast around, comb, cruise, divine, drag, dredge, feel, finger, fish, frisk, fumble, gather, go, go after, grope, grub, hunt, leave no stone unturned, nose, poke, prospect, pry, pursue, quest after, quest for, raid, ransack, re-explore, rifle, rummage, scan, scour, seek out, shop, strip-search, surf, want.

Semantic Optimising of Web Pages

The purpose of the example is to show that there are many ways to describe the same activity, product or service. As the old saying goes;

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!”

Thoughtfully include variations, derivations, synonyms, hyponyms and hypernyms. You will more effectively convince the Search Engines of your content theme than you would by stuffing multiple iterations of the same primary keywords into the page/s!

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