Google Adwords Campaign Management & Set-Up

Google Adwords PPC Campaign Management Services

Google Adwords campaigns are often poorly set up, inadequately optimised and waste lots of money on inappropriate keyword choices.

Setting up effective Adwords Campaigns requires research based on knowledge and experience. For an Adwords campaign to deliver cost-effective results, there are many aspects that must be considered;

  • Campaigns – these should contain your logically arranged Ad Groups
  • Ad Groups – should carefully the most appropriate target landing pages with well-written copy
  • Keywords – these should be precise, with inappropriate keywords eliminated
  • Quality Score, Ad Relevance and Landing Page Experience must be optimised!
  • Ad Titles – should include the primary keyword phrase
  • Ad Description – should include the primary keyword phrase
  • Display URL – should include at least part of the primary keyword phrase
  • Link URL – should take the visitor to the landing page most relevant to the primary keyword phrase!

Keyword search phrase issues must be prioritised by “transactional / buying words” rather than “informational words“. The logic of this extends into all our business SEO services and packages, especially on core products/services pages.

In essence, you’re far better to be targeting long-tailed “buying” keywords which give a clear indication that the potential click visitor is ready to;

  • make a choice
  • make a purchase
  • make a decision

In that context, let’s use a “camera” search analogy… If you’re a retail shop selling Panasonic digital cameras and accessories, you’d be wasting money bidding on “digital camera” or “digital camera reviews” because those are “informational” searches. Conversely, bidding for a “Panasonic TZ7 camera” or “Lumix FZ28 accessories” gives you qualified visitors that should be well worth bidding for…

Pay Per Click” Advertising Management Services

From: $995 Setup includes;

  • Google Adwords Account Setup as/if required
  • Business Research
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Ad creation and copy-writing

From: $395 per month Maintenance fee includes;

  • Adwords Campaign Management
  • Monthly Reports with Analytics
  • Monitoring Quality Score, Ad Relevance and Landing Page Experience trends
  • Recommending and implementing changes

Campaign Management Costs

The indicative costs for a small business Pay Per Click Advertising project with The SEO Guy depend on the complexity of your requirements;

  • The setup fee starts at $995
  • Account management from $395 per month
  • plus your Google Fees for Adwords.

A formal SEO Audit of your website is a sensible step prior to implementing Google Adwords. We assess Landing Page Experience etc., and it is important to conversion rates that landing pages present the right information. Our range of search engine optimisation packages are modestly priced.

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