WordPress SEO Services Package

WordPress SEO Packages

This On-Site WordPress SEO services package is provided by a specialist WP consultant with more than a decade of experience in WP search engine optimisation.

At the outset, my WordPress search engine optimization services focuses on generating accurate meta-data content and correct branding. I put in place the building blocks for SEO, using the best available software. I manually generate page Titles, Descriptions and image Alt texts for cornerstone content. Also addressed are Google XML Sitemaps, HTML Sitemaps for visitors, and custom mechanisms for 404 error handling. As well as the technical items, I can also help you enhance your verified listing on your Google’s My Business account Basically, this the same formula applied to all my affordable SEO packages, but WordPress has unique aspects that make it easier to do more.

Efforts to improve your Local 3 Pack / Local Search rankings are done by generation of accurate Schema and Rich Snippets for Organisation and Local Search markup. This is done using the tools in WPSSO core and associated modules.

Last but not least, I do full page load speed optimisation to ensure your site is fast and gets good Mobile and Desktop scores on Google’s Core Web Vitals tests. From 21 May 2021, this becomes part of Google’s ranking algorithms.

WordPress Search Engine Optimisation

Selecting a leading WP SEO plugin and getting it installed and configured correctly is essential to achieve a decent position in SERPs. The default installation of WordPress has very few SEO factors enabled and it;

  • May not produce search-engine-friendly page names (URL’s)
  • Might duplicate H1 Headings across all pages in the header
  • Does not include a Description meta-tag
  • Has neither HTML Sitemap nor a Google XML site map
  • Generates content duplication from archives, Author, Tags, Categories etc
  • Lacks tools to optimise page load speeds
  • Has no firewall of brute force login security components

All of that is counter-productive in the age of the Panda algorithm which may penalise either or both page and site rankings for transgressions! Google and other search engines detest duplicate content. If your WordPress CMS or Blog is to deliver optimum benefits to your business, you absolutely need to ensure that;

  • Unique and original page content is presented to search engines
  • Pages are accurately described so that their content can be assessed properly
  • Trivial pages are set to noindex
  • Duplication is kept to a minimum, and off-set by rel=”canonical” tags
  • Outward links don’t bleed away your Page Rank
  • Optimized Core Web Vitals (page load speed) via image optimisation and caching

WordPress Can Attain #1 Rankings when Optimised Correctly

WordPress SEO Services costs: from $1,695, for a website containing approximately 30+ pages and posts.

NOTE: For many small businesses in a local niche market, the initial work will be sufficient to lift your rankings into the first page of results. For that reason, I don’t propose long term monthly payments at the outset.

Instead, we should first assess the impact of the initial work. I will recommend what we should do in follow-up stages as/if required.

Once we can assess the initial outcomes, you decide if you want more effort expended.

Off-Site SEO:

To follow up on the on-site efforts it might in some cases be helpful, even necessary, to scrutinise the incoming link portfolio. If there are too many low quality (or toxic) links to your site, Google can automatically demote your website. Efforts to remove such links may be necessary, couple with disavowing them.


Request a no-obligation WordPress Website SEO Audit and I will assess the issues, options and costs for you.

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Before you can improve SEO performance, you need to know what the impediments are! A comprehensive Technical SEO Audit is a crucial first step towards better rankings as it outlines the issues, options and indicative costs. You deserve more than just better rankings… so I deliver partnership-based SEO services, integrity and content optimisation that exceeds expectations. The following details are all I need to get started:

WP SEO Services Checklist

  • Installation of the latest version of WordPress content management system
  • Ensure that a mobile-responsive website design theme is in place
  • Install and configure the best plugins for enhanced SEO performance (Yoast SEO)
  • Ensure Contact Forms have anti-spam protection (captcha)
  • Zero Spam configured to prevent comment and contact form spam (or comments are disabled)
  • Install an HTML Sitemap for visitors
  • Configure Yoast SEO, including automated Google XML Sitemap generator for sitemap_index.xml
  • Add a robots.txt file, including Sitemap path to refer search engines to the correct location
  • Ensure robots.txt does not block Google from indexing core code – required to perform “mobile-friendly” assessments
  • Exclude author and tags from indexing, along with vulnerable URLs
  • Ensure custom 404 Page Not Found Error handling is in place
  • Check that Permalinks generate correctly formed Search Engine Friendly URL’s
  • Installation of a premium caching system for fastest possible page load times
  • Install and configure a suitable WordPress Security Plugin – Block Bad Queries WAF (firewall)  and/or Loginizer (brute force login protection)
  • Review all current plugins, replacing those known to be slower with optimal ones
  • Prepare a WordPress Maintenance Manual with instructions on how to care for the site

Fixing these issues ensures you have a robust website that performs well on Google/Bing search results pages. There will be potential for rankings to be further refined and improved over time. An underlying goal is ensuring that the site is compliant with Google & Bing Webmaster Guidelines. We must also strive to avoid algorithmic penalties being applied to the site for inadvertent breaches of terms of service etc.

More WP SEO info: WordPress SEO Services Guide

WordPress SEO Services Tools

WordPress SEO plugin applications are where the powerful WP CMS  really comes into its own! Multiple choice of excellent “plugins” provide solutions to all the issues mentioned above. There are SEO plugins which;

  • Manually (or dynamically) generate unique Titles and Descriptions across pages and posts (Yoast SEO)
  • Automatically generates Google XML Site Maps, and updates that at every page edit (Yoast SEO)
  • Auto-generates HTML Site Maps , and updates as pages/posts are added (Simple Sitemaps)
  • Creates Table of Contents on pages, and updates as pages/posts are revised
  • Image compression & optimisation with Shortpixel
  • Improvements to page load speeds by “lazy loading” images
  • Improves page load times by high-speed caching (WP Rocket Cache)

SEF URLs (Search-engine-friendly page file names) are implemented by the Permalinks function in Admin / Settings / Permalinks. The recommended option is /%postname%/ because it is fast, accurate and generates minimal page load overhead. Turning this on auto-generates a mod_rewrite code block inserted into the website’s .htaccess file.

As part of optimising WordPress, we install and configure a well-tested suite of robust SEO plugins. This propel us on the way towards outputting optimal accurately categorised pages and posts across the entire site. Included (but not limited to) are;

  • Yoast SEO with Google XML Sitemaps activated
  • WP Sitemaps or Simple Sitemaps (HTML)
  • Caching, image optimising
  • Firewall & Login Security

Incoming Link Portfolio Assessment

  • Review the quantity and quality of inbound links for over-optimisation
  • Assess deviation from “normal” link profile and potential for Penguin penalty
  • Recommend link improvement strategy

As professional optimisers with more than a decade of providing WordPress SEO services, we know exactly what works and what does not.

Additional WP services;

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