Social Media Optimisation / SMO

Social Media optimisation (SMO)Social Media optimisation aka SMO is now an important component in Google’s search relevancy assessment.

Small businesses can leverage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to make a demonstrable increase in the quantity of new business enquiries.

These Social Media networks in particular are now mainstream search engine optimisation (SEO) tools. With some careful effort, Facebook can make a discernible difference to your website visitor statistics.

Things change fast in this field, and many people have tended to think of Social Media as a recreational and or community tool, allowing enhanced connectivity with friends and family. Of course, it still is all of that! A WordPress expert is available to assist you with ensuring your website is correctly configured for SMO.

Google Goes Social

For the past 2 – 3 years, there have been many market signals emanating from all corners of the globe, and Social Media was steadily becoming mainstream in both personal AND business arenas.

When Google began incorporating Social Media factors into search engine relevancy, a paradigm shift occurred!

To put it in the vernacular – “If you ain’t part of the steam roller, you must be part of the road!

Regardless of your personal lack of interest or outright antipathy towards Social Media, if you are in business on the Internet, you ignore Social Media optimisation at your peril. To generate more enquiries, and additional potential purchasers of your products and services, you need to understand;

  • How Social Media networks function from a user perspective
  • How to leverage the power of Social Media to your business advantage
  • How to use social media publishing software technologies to work smarter –

In some respects, it’s a non-quantifiable component of search relevancy. Google is, as always, resolutely tight-lipped on the emphasis they place on SM. Therefore, you will never know how much your Social Media presence contributes to your search engine rankings…

Traffic from Social Media networks is another matter, as it will register in the web server traffic log files in the “referring sites” section. That means you do have a yardstick against which visitor statistics can be measured.

However, that should not be confused with SERPs rankings on Google however, as its a slightly related but completely different metric.

If you’d to get your business profile raised via Social Media optimisation with one of our WordPress SEO Packages, contact us now. Alternatively, we can prepare a WP website seo audit for you, and give you advice on how to move forward.