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WordPress website designer WordPress website designer offering comprehensive web site design & WP SEO consultancy services. WordPress web site design rates are very competitive. Web page design services can also include professional organic (natural) SEO built into the design – WordPress web design & SEO really are our specialities!

We have divided our web design services into a series of options / stages to make it easy for you to step up in incremental levels if you wish to spread out your expenditure. For example, Web Design & Build, followed by;

WordPress website designer  WP SEO package rates are based on NZ$120 per hour, and website development costs are often a fraction of those charged by some of our competitors. WordPress is a very fast platform to work with, compared to monolithic architectures of Drupal / Joomla and many things can be done in a fraction of the time.

Basic WordPress Website Designer

Affordable Website Design Priced from $699 – depending on complexity, how much copy we have to write for you, number of images to be processed, and total number of pages, and how much content we have to write from scratch etc.

We build you a nice clean 10-12 page WordPress website using a modern, professional design that both adheres to current industry coding standards and practices, and is cross-browser-compatible. Pages will include;

  • Home
  • Main Products/Services
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Links + Link to Us
  • Privacy Statement
  • HTML & XML Sitemap
  • Terms & Conditions

We do some keyword research and write “optimised” copy, Title, Description and Keyword meta-tags for Home page! We will provide advice on Search Engine Optimisation, link building strategies etc.

WordPress CMS (Content Management System) Website Package

Website Content Management System Priced from $1195 – depending on complexity, how much copy we have to write for you, number of images to be processed, etc. Includes;

  • All the above elements, up to approx 30+ pages
  • WordPress Content Management System + Blog
  • SEO Plugins: All in One SEO, XML & HTML Site Maps…
  • Enhanced editing plugins
  • Mobile-responsive Design template

We encourage you to take advantage of our WordPress SEO package to ensure your site performs at it’s best possible level from the outset. Discounts apply for combining a site build and an SEO package.

We also bundle an annual Website Management Package in with the quotation for your new website!

Forum & Directory Solutions

We’ve extensive experience in installation, configuration and managment of forum and directory software systems…

To get a thorough understanding of the issues, options and costs of getting your website sorted out, you are welcome to take advantage of our no-obligation Website Audit Assessment