WordPress Security

Stop WordPress being hacked

How to Secure WordPress Against Hacking

Over the past year or two there has been an unprecedented flurry of hacking activity worldwide. A massive botnet emanating from former Eastern Bloc countries has been specifically targeting WordPress and other CMS systems with a view to accessing administrative accounts. On top of that, there have been widespread brute force attacks targeting Cpanel hosting …

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WP Security Issues

How to Implement Basic WordPress Security Measures

Wordpress security breaches are not an uncommon occurrence. WordPress-powered websites are far from being immune to hackers, although the latest release/s address many earlier security issues. WordPress, like other content management systems and forums such as phpBB, vBulletin, is a major target for hackers and spammers. Basic prophylactic measures need not be complicated or expensive.


Attacks on WordPress -Blackhole & Phoenix Exploit Kit

Attacks on WordPress are not just based on brute force login efforts. Blackhole Exploit Kit,¬†Blackhole Exploit Kit Detection, Phoenix Exploit Kit, Rogue Scanner and JS Redir attacks are currently the most prevalent of all website¬† threats globally. These can destroy your website’s online reputation and drive your visitors elsewhere. Malware may be installed onto visitors …

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