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Delivering both Local Search SEO and organic/natural SEO (search engine optimisation) services, customised for marketing the Canterbury region of New Zealand.

Local SEO & Organic SEO Services

I deliver expert Local SEO services. Having spent much of my life living in Christchurch, as well as the Hurunui District and Kaikoura, I am well qualified to provide Christchurch SEO services for:

Business SEO

If you’re a business in the city or the Canterbury region, It’s reassuring to deal with a local SEO consult. An intimate regional knowledge of the industries and business activities is essential.

Canterbury Local SEO

Good local SEO SERP outcomes rely on broad local knowledge, experience and understanding. Something the average “3rd world” local SEO services just cannot deliver to your business!

Citation Building

Citation building requires experience in the preparation of NAP data that matches your Google Business profile. Plus the ability to write concise business descriptions. English as a 1st language is vital.

Tourism plays a vital role in the regional economy, and an understanding of the tourism sector (accommodation, operations & activities) is important in both Local / Map SEO and natural search engine optimisation. If your business is based in Cantebury, you will benefit from engaging an experienced Christchurch SEO Consultant. Christchurch is a popular tourist stopover due to its closeness to the ski fields and other attractions of the Southern Alps, as well as its international-standard hotels, casino, and airport. The city is popular with Japanese tourists, as seen by the Japanese signage around Cathedral Square. Wineries abound in the districts around Christchurch.

Canterbury SEO marketing efforts for Christchurch’s economic core and the Canterbury agricultural sector. Growing up in a rural environment, I have an innate comprehension of the vocabulary and acronyms essential to providing effective agricultural-related search engine optimisation services.

As part of the initial “package” given to New Zealand immigrants, the surrounding agricultural landscape has long been the foundation of its economy. PGG Wrightson, the largest agribusiness in New Zealand, is headquartered in Christchurch. Its origins can be traced back to Pyne Gould Guinness, a South Island-based stock and station agency.

Other agricultural businesses in Christchurch / Canterbury have included: malting, seed development, seed dressing, wool, meat processing. Also, small biotechnology companies employing byproducts from the meat processing industry. With high global milk prices and the use of irrigation to increase grass growth on arid land, dairying has expanded rapidly in the surrounding areas.

Agriculture has traditionally played a significant role in the surrounding region. Wheat and barley, as well as numerous types of clover and other grasses for exporting seeds, have been the primary crops. All of these have resulted in the formation of processing enterprises in Christchurch. In recent years, area agriculture has become more diverse, with the emergence of a successful wine business in Waipara and the beginnings of new horticultural industries, such as olive farming and processing. As a result of deer ranching, antlers are now processed for use in Asian medicine and aphrodisiacs. The outstanding quality of the local wines has improved the tourist appeal of Canterbury and Christchurch.

The Christchurch industrial sector is the second largest contributor to the local economy, with enterprises such as Anderson’s producing steel for bridges, tunnels, and hydroelectric dams during the early days of infrastructure construction. Currently, the majority of manufactured goods are light, and the primary market is Australia; the largest employees include the Stewart family-founded businesses. Canterbury & Christchurch local SEO marketing is aimed at supporting businesses in the city and surrounding region.

Christchurch’s technology-based sectors have flourished in recent decades. Angus Tait founded Tait Electronics, a manufacturer of mobile radios, which spawned other companies, such as Dennis Chapman’s Swichtec. Gil Simpson, a Cantabrian, built a software company that produced the LINC and Jade programming languages, and a management buyout gave rise to the local firm Wynyard Group.

A Christchurch SEO Consultant will provide expert Canterbury local SEO marketing services.

Both Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton utilised the port of Lyttelton as a launching point for expeditions, and his widow, Kathleen Scott, carved a statue of Robert Falcon Scott in the central city.

SEO services are available to support any small business in the Canterbury region with affordable SEO packages. Getting an expert SEO consultant on your team will make a positive difference to your SERPS, rankings and visitor traffic.

The International Antarctic Centre offers both base facilities and a museum and visitor centre centred on contemporary Antarctic activity. Christchurch Airport is the departure point for the primary supply route to McMurdo and Scott Bases in Antarctica, utilised by the United States Navy and United States Aviation National Guard, together with the New Zealand and Australian air forces.

Christchurch central business district, New Zealand
Christchurch Central Business District

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