Affordable SEO Services for Small Business

Affordable SEO services for Small Business
Affordable SEO services for small business websites commence with an On-Site SEO package that is tailored for smaller web sites. If you have a single enterprise focus and require optimisation of up to 30 pages, this is what you need to get started. Suited to a sole trader, a small company; e.g. a Bed & Breakfast, or tourist activity such as quad bikes, jet boating, fly fishing etc.

The search engine optimization process commences with a comprehensive website SEO audit. This content review assesses if the keyword phrases currently used on the site are a correct fit for the Products and / or Services offered. The goal is matching the current keyword searches with the website’s content. The optimising process means that a searcher’s online look-ups are then far more likely to connect the business with new clients.

We also run a Search Engine Ranking reports to assess current ranking status using a set of appropriate / relevant keywords and phrases. This forms a baseline for monitoring an optimised website’s rank progress.

I also provide larger scale corporate business SEO services for websites with 50 – 100+ pages.

Affordable SEO Services: On-Site Small Business SEO Package – $1695

  • This is a one-off fee in many cases; specifically aimed at On-Site SEO efforts to ensure there are no impediments ON your website that are restricting rankings. 
  • In some circumstances, we may need to consider Off-Site SEO efforts; this is often the case if previous SEO work has included extensive link building, resulting in accumulation of low quality and/or toxic links to your website.

NOTE 1: For many small businesses in a local niche market, the initial work will be sufficient to lift your rankings into the first page of results. For that reason, I don’t propose long term usurious monthly payments at the outset. Instead, we assess the impact of the initial work and THEN I will recommend what we do in follow-up stages as/if required.

In the many years I have been helping small businesses improve their online rankings, visitor traffic and customer enquiries, I have never insisted on long-term contracts with exorbitant monthly fees.

Why? Because in practice, if the on-page work is done properly at the outset, the quality of optimisation workmanship stands the site in good stead for several years. When / if Google makes significant changes to content evaluation, some remedial content optimisation may be required then.

NOTE 2: Some SEO companies don’t do any on-site work on your website. No on-page tuning for keywords… Nor do they work on minimising page load speeds, or implementing website security

Instead, a common approach is significant link building efforts across on Private Blog Networks to boost rankings. This is a strategy which may work well in the short term, but it is a clear breach of Google Webmaster Guidelines…  The risk is that when Google eventually uncovers the link scheme, the house of cards comes tumbling down, as do your website’s rankings and reputation…

Affordable SEO Services Enquiry: On-Site SEO

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Privacy Policy: I am serious about Privacy & Confidentiality! (Strict confidence, no data sharing.)

On-Page / On-site SEO: Amending Pages

The first thing we will have completed before commencing our affordable SEO packages work on your site is a comprehensive SEO Audit. That gives us both a baseline to start from, in order to measure ranking and traffic improvements over time.

That will have identified a range of issues, and the first step will be applying remedies to all of those that it is possible to fix. items in this area usually including providing missing;

  • Sitemaps – both HTML for visitors and XML for search engines
  • Robots.txt file – tells search engine what not to index, and specifies the XML sitemap location
  • Adding missing pages – privacy, terms and conditions etc

Website Content Evaluation:

Google has become harshly critical of content quality in terms of brevity of topic coverage, accuracy in spelling & grammar, originality of the written material. Content copied from Wikipedia does not impress Google…

Between us, we will have to address this – you write some additional information about your business, and I make sure its got the correct keywords in it to rank for the searches your customer would use.

That’s followed by checking and correcting page Titles and Descriptions for compliance with Webmaster Guidelines and best practice. I also remove any items that could be construed as keyword spam – including the Keywords meta-tag, image Alt tag etc!

I also look at your Social Media utilisation / participation and ensure that its correctly configured. Using your website to drive traffic to your Facebook page is a pretty common mistake.

The User Experience Aspects

Small sites still need effective navigation or they are awkward  to traverse. They also need pointers as to what is the most important section of your website. Having an equal or greater number of links to your Privacy page as you do to your Products page makes no sense. Google’s processes are fully automated, and if you cannot define what is important, they will not be able to!

A very important consideration is page load times. No one likes a slow website! Google understands this all too well and has built in evaluation mechanisms that test performance. Where possible we need to get this tuned up, so I implement caching, compression, image optimisation etc as part of our affordable seo services.

Who Are You & Why Should People Trust You?

Common errors here are in not putting your business address and optional contact methods like phone, email and contact forms. Only putting a contact form is a serious mistake. It immediately reduces your credibility and places you under the suspicion of not being a “real” business. That’s especially troublesome if you are trying to sell something online…

As part of building trust, you should always include at least  basic Privacy page, and an outline of your Terms & Conditions of trade for whatever you do or sell. Google looks for these and makes judgements about you on the basis of what they find, or don’t find!

Getting these elements properly presented will make a positive impression on both Google and your potential clients.

So, what is SEO, exactly?

Our SEO Guarantee

I provide the following assurances to all clients;

  • Personal service – I will be the only person working on your website. The only exception would be custom programming that requires your prior approval and my supervision.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure compliance with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines
  • That checks against the initial benchmark report will show improved Top 30 Rankings on Google.
  • Visitor traffic volumes will improve.

No NZ SEO consultant has a special relationship with Google – or Bing for that matter.  There are literally hundreds of elements and factors considered in ranking algorithms. Those algorithms change hundreds of times per year…. it is therefore impossible to guarantee how a particular keyword phrase will rank over the coming months.

In practice, improved results show within 2 weeks and continue upward over a couple of months, depending on what has been done.

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