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Citation Building For Local SEO Rankings

Citation building Improves your Local SEO Rankings

Citation building services improve local search results. When a search engine (Google, Bing) finds accurate and valid citations of your business, it significantly boosts your company’s chances of ranking higher inside that search engine, as well as improving your company’s local authority and credibility.

Citation Building Package – $700

From $700 – excellent for any website with few or no incoming links. Its a one-off fee; focused on OFF-Site SEO efforts for NAP (name, address, phone) consistency to improve your local search rankings.

Why You Need Citations For Your Business

Citation building services ensure your local business information is disseminated across the web with the intention of boosting a business’s rankings and visibility in both Google local search results and Google Maps.

  • Citations are the simplest approach to develop fundamental linkages to your brand through trusted local networks. If you have a physical site, you may use citations to attract additional customers to your door.
  • In SEO parlance, a Citation (link) is any combination of your company’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) listed online.
  • Local citations can have a favorable or bad effect on local search engine rankings, and they can also have a positive or negative effect on how customers perceive your company.
Citation building (links) for Local SEO

Citation Building for Local SEO

Our citation service can write, build, optimise and maintain citations for your business. We have decades of experience in creating quality citations for all types of organizations.

By utilising citation distribution, we can:

  • Create the standard and consistency of location authority that you need to succeed by establishing your authority locally and beyond.
  • Ensure that your address, phone number, and business name are widely accessible on the internet.
  • Deliver easy-to-follow directions and contact information, motivating customers to take action.
  • Publish your citations on multiple high-quality websites, business directories and specialist directories.
  • Determine and target the most relevant websites and directories for your industry.
  • Build your company profile and/or optimize its performance in Google Local and Google Maps.
  • Ensure that you are indexed in the best local directories.
  • Audit and align all your NAP data citations

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The Tactics You Need to Boost your Local Search Rankings

Create citations on prominent sites

Submit listings to top quality directories and industry-specific sites with good domain authority.

What does this look like?

At the end of the process, I provide you with a report outlining the citations project status as per the following example:

1 Citations Screenshot

Revise old citations

Fix NAP inconsistencies in current citations so search engines and customers are not confused by inaccurate information.

Remove redundant citation listings

  • Eliminate duplicate listings that may be hindering local SEO performance.
  • It’s likely that over time many listings may have been established for your business.
  • Duplicate listings can mislead search engines, harm local rankings, and erode consumer confidence in your company.

Traditional solutions do not detect or correct these duplicate entries, and they may also overlook mistakes. For this reason, I advise that, when developing a citation campaign, you include duplicate removal to permanently resolve any unresolved issues.

I have discretion over which of the hundreds of sites are best to submit to for your particular nice business. However, I always include the following premium options in your selection, including: Yellowpages, Google My Business, Bing Business, Facebook etc.

Citation sources are selected based on location (local NZ sites), sorted by domain authority. In addition, ensuring that there is a good balance of Dofollow and Nofollow links. Additionally, I will identify any current citations that need to be updated.

Increase your NAP Coverage

Combine manual submissions with data aggregators to get optimal coverage. In addition to manual listings, you can publish to data aggregators at minimal expense to expand your reach. Data aggregators distribute your company’s information to hundreds of global business directories, mobile apps, and mapping services.

I also do a comprehensive analysis of your company’s website and Google My Business Listings before highlighting what we can do to improve your local SEO performance.

100 percent natural and individually customised directory listings usually deliver a local ranking increases +25 percent.

I generate accurate listings on reputable sites only

This ensures the quality of all citations created, while making sure that they make positive contribution to your online exposure.

  • Additionally, I personally compile the contents of every citation.
  • All citations are written in a way that provides potential clients with the information they would need to contact you.
  • AND almost all citations are easily editable as/if required

Citations are WHAT, exactly…

At the most fundamental level, a citation is any internet-based mentions of your firm whatsoever. This may be a notice in a newspaper, a link from a weblog, or a Yellow Pages-style listing. All of these mentions will demonstrate to search engines that your company is who it says it is, and can be trusted.

As a local company or service provider, it is essential to increase your citation numbers. Search engines will use a user’s location when conducting a search. For example, if a client searches for coffee shop or cafe, any local businesses will be displayed first. Potential customers may also search for a specific local business, so you sure do want to appear in those search results.

Citations are acknowledged to play a role in the algorithm used by search engines to rank search results, despite the lack of 100 percent clear evidence on how they do so. With this in mind, you should ensure that you have the best online citations in order that new customers can locate you

How to Generate Citations

There are numerous online methods for building local citations for your firm. Google and other search engines offer their own listing services, such as Google My Business. Here, you may claim your firm and submit all of your information to generate a citation. Using Google My Business has additional benefits, such as reviews and the option to submit images and videos. If you have not yet registered, now is the time to do so.

You can also include your business on additional listing sites so that your information is readily discoverable by search engines.

There is also the opportunity for obtaining mentions elsewhere on the Internet, as this creates additional credibility for your firm. Participating in local events covered by local press is usually advantageous. This will increase the number of links to your business that appear in search results, allowing you to rank higher.

Why are citations so essential?

Why are these citations necessary? Many business owners avoid it because they believe it caters too heavily to search engines instead of their customers. While this is partially true, you must remember that the majority of clients will now use a search engine to locate a business. In reality, the majority of NZ citizens long ago abandoned phone books in favor of internet searches.

It’s far easier for a potential customer to enter in what they want online, rather than browse through the phone book looking for what they need. In addition, people may search for this information anywhere, courtesy of their smartphone.

With this in mind, you should assess and if necessary, amend your online citations. The greater the number of high quality citations a firm has, the more trustworthy it is perceived to be.

All citations should include a NAP, consisting of: name, address & phone number. This is the information that search engines will find and utilise. If they uncover many inconsistent citations for the same business, you may receive a lower ranking. The same holds true for your potential clients – multiple listings with various phone numbers may engender mistrust.

The issue is that there are possibly a number of listings out there that you have not created. For instance, you could be listed on a review website without your knowledge. If the information does not match your correct NAP details, your SEO will suffer inadvertently and without your knowledge.

To maximize the impact of citations, your best bet is to locate all existing business listings and verify their accuracy.


Formats for Citations

Structured citations:

Typically, a structured citation is found in a business directory entry. It will include your NAP along with extra descriptive details of what you do or sell. A structured citation will usually appear in a company listing..

Unstructured Citations:

Typically, they are mentions of your company’s name. This is the typical content of blogs, press releases and news articles. It may also include additional information, such as your website address.

Enhancing Citations:

Many sites let you add images, video profiles, opening hours, a business description, social network links etc. Ensure that details match what you have listed on other websites and your own!

You will also notice that many websites, such as Google My Business listings, Yelp, and, provide customers the opportunity to evaluate and Review your business. It is highly recommended that you monitor any evaluations – Google ‘Reviews’ especially and be quick to respond to them. Engaging with customers demonstrates that you care about their experience, which is positive for your search engine rankings.

Citation Links Overview

Citations are significantly more crucial than you probably realised before. They include crucial information about your firm, such as your contact information. When they are inaccurate, they may lower your SERPs ranks since you appear less trustworthy. As a result of your lack of consistency regarding your NAP information, you may be invisible to potential customers.

When your citations are accurate and consistent across numerous websites, it is evident that you pay close attention to the particulars. When you do so, your SEO will improve, resulting in more leads for your company.

Utilise these tactics to boost your local citations and your web presence and reap the benefits of your efforts…

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