SEO Packages, Rates & Services

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SEO Rates, Servcies & Package Prices

On-Site SEO Packages, Rates & Services:

On-Site SEO Packages for Small Business

All SEO packages include;

  1. Manual Revision of Content Elements: employment of our services including handwritten work on headings, body text, keywords, title, description, meta-tags, body text, links, HTML coding error checks…
  2. Advice on Site Structure: optimal menu and navigation elements, linking strategies and search engine indexing. HTML and XML Site Map generation, robots.txt file revision, custom 404 Error page  and much more for clients in New Zealand, Australia, UK & USA!
  3. Page Load Time Optimisation; caching, image resizing and compression, gzip file compression etc.

On-Site SEO for Medium / Corporate Business SEO Packages

NB: SEO Consultancy Rates / Packages are based on $120 per hour.

NOTE: for many small businesses in a local niche market, the initial work will be sufficient to lift your rankings into the first page of results. Because of that, I don’t propose long term usurious monthly payments at the outset. Instead, we assess the impact of the initial work and THEN I will recommend what we do in follow-up stages as/if required.

E-commerce SEO Packages

EcommerceosCommerce & Zen Cart SEO – Price on application. Installation of Ultimate SEO URL’s, Dynamic Header Tags, All_Products etc. This ensures your product pages generate optimised, unique and accurate Meta-tags, with plain English HTML page names and much more.

Off-Site SEO Services

Google Penalty Reversal Services

  • Penguin Penalty Reversal Package from $1,295 – option to manage a Link Removal campaign on your behalf. Full analysis of your incoming link profile using both Google & Bing Webmaster Tools data.
  • Panda Penalty Reversal Package is part of the above Business SEO Packages, you get a full website content analysis.

Off-Site SEO: Link Audit

Other SEO Packages

Get your free Website Technical SEO Audit Underway Today!
Before you can improve SEO performance, you need to know what the impediments are! A comprehensive Technical SEO Audit is a crucial first step towards better rankings as it outlines the issues, options and indicative costs. You deserve more than just better rankings… so I deliver partnership-based SEO services, integrity and content optimisation that exceeds expectations. The following details are all I need to get started:

Privacy Policy: I take Privacy & Confidentiality seriously!

Competitive SEO Rates

My SEO rates, packages and optimising services are very competitive. I provide a comprehensive range of search engine optimization service options for both on-site and off-site SEO. This includes both organic SEO (natural) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services, plus a incoming links (back-links) audits to detect potential penalty issues.

I’ve divided these SEO rates and services into a series of packages to simplify pricing. This makes it easy for you to step up in incremental levels of SEO optimization if you wish to stage your expenditure.


  • The rates provided on individual package pages are based on small to medium business sites with a single product or service. E.g. hotels, motels, web designers, tourism destination and activity businesses etc.
  • Do you have a larger, complex multi-functional businesses such as E-Commerce sites based on osCommerce or Cold Fusion etc? If so, costs will need to be individually assessed and may differ markedly from those shown.
  • SEO Consultancy Rates / Packages are based on $135 per hour (approx US$100). Project costs are usually a fraction of those charged by many of my competitors!

Free Website Audit Review – No Obligation

I will take a thorough look at your website’s online presence. That will allow me to write a comprehensive SEO Audit review that will outline all the issues requiring attention. Then, I can recommend an SEO package that meets your particular needs. Next, I will outline the costs of remedial SEO solutions to problems identified. Let The SEO Guy give your site a WOF check via a no-obligation, free site SEO audit review.

My Guarantee

I offer the following guarantees;

  • That you will get 100% personal service from The SEO Guy – a professional New Zealand SEO consultant
  • There will be ZERO shady tricks applied – no breaches of Google’s webmaster guidelines and Terms of Service!
  • No space cadets or English-challenged subcontractors will work on your site!
  •  I will carry out all work according to the highest professional standards, in accordance with Search Engine Guidelines
  • There will be a demonstrable increase in Top 30 Rankings on the 3 major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN).
  • You will see a positive improvement in website traffic volumes

Guarantee’s are awkward – but 20 years of experience has taught me that I will always make a positive difference. However, no SEO consultant has a special relationship with any search engine company. There are 200+ elements that Google et al consider in their relevancy ranking algorithms… Therefore, it’s impossible to guarantee how a specific keyword phrase will rank within 4, 8 or 12 weeks.

Invariably, positive results normally start to show within 2 – 4 weeks, and will steadily increase over 2-3 months.

To learn how our NZ SEO company can help your small business grow, click to request a Website Audit Review  or order an SEO Package.

SEO Project Time Frames

This is dependent on how busy I am when commissioned;

  • Usually I get link analysis underway immediately as it is the aspect that takes longest to deliver results.
  • I process website changes and page optimisation amendments over a couple of weeks.

Overall, I have a goal of not changing too much, too quickly – we don’t want the process to appear too much like an orchestrated SEO campaign…

The results of these efforts usually start to appear quickly. Sometimes within 2 weeks as search engines find and assess the optimised page content changes. Removed links to your site take much longer to credited to you.

The full benefits of the work that I do may not become clear for 10 – 12 weeks or more . That is because of the time it takes for link penalty removal efforts to filter through due to Google’s update process for the Penguin algorithm’s database…

Once we have assessed the impact of the initial changes, we can discuss our next steps. 

  • In some cases, when top rankings are achieved quickly, not much more can be done
  • In other cases, follow-up work may be required to make more gains