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How an NZ SEO Consultant can help

I’m a New Zealand search engine optimisation specialist with over 20 years experience and a range of SEO Packages to suit any online business activities. My guarantee is honesty and integrity, and 100% personal service! No space cadets, no 3rd world subcontractors…

NZ SEO services

Do you know whats wrong with your site?

You can’t make ranking improvements without knowing what the impediments are. A comprehensive technical website SEO Audit from an expert SEO consultant shows how ranking gains can be made and why. There’s no cost and no obligation, so you can get your Audit underway today!

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Business SEO Agency

The business SEO services and search engine optimisation packages I provide increase your visitor numbers. Optimising your site’s content by targeting correct terminology in keywords increases qualified traffic. Correctly optimised sites generate more sales, making you more money! A specialist NZ SEO consultant, my role is to help market online businesses by achieving optimal search engine rankings via a range of search engine optimisation packages…

Core Web Vitals

Page load speed does contribute to good core web vitals SEO scores. However, the GTmetrix legacy scores could be straight A’s – but your Google Page Speed Insights score for Mobile still be dragging in the 20’s due to different measurement criteria. From mid-June 2021, Google’s “core web vitals” will be incorporated into rankings. You need to ensure your website is optimised, or your competition will pass you by…

Website Audits

Start with a free, no-obligation Technical SEO Audit of website content. Audits provides a benchmark against which progress can be accurately measured. An appropriate Business SEO package will be recommended, with indicative costs and options. I improve your organic search rankings by optimising the most important internal pages, and if necessary, sanitising your inbound link profile.

WordPress SEO

WordPress search engine optimisation services and CMS solutions are specialties of The SEO Guy! WordPress has a range of premium tools to assist with page speed optimisation, a core metric in Google asessement of your website. Implementing HTTPS secure connections and firewall security are core SEO aspects we can address

Resolving Penalties

Google scrutinises your site for any overt evidence of content “over-optimisation” via the Panda algorithm. The Penguin algorithm evaluates your site’s link profile and quality of incoming links. These paradigm shifts occurred from 2012 onward. We can remedy Penguin algorithm penalties

WP Tech Support

Full WordPress support services for all troubleshooting aspects;

NZ SEO consultant

Ben Kemp – aka “The SEO Guy

I’ve been an IT manager & consultant for some 25 years, a website designer and a full-time SEO consultant since 1997.

Throughout that time, I have optimised sites of many different genres and scales in NZ, AU, UK and the USA. For professional SEO services on your website, contact NZ’s best small business SEO agency today.