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How SEO Tips Contribute to Your Bottom Line

The SEO tips (search engine optimization) & web site marketing suggestions we provide will improve your exposure to customers and clients on the Internet. The direct benefits to you will be more business. You found us due to the effectiveness of our own Web page ranking service, because I really am a specialist NZ SEO consultant who delivers effective web site SEO services.

Do You Feel Your Website is NOT Delivering the Traffic Goods?

There are usually multiple reasons for this, and you can assess this quickly by checking YOUR site’s key search engine indicators;

How many links are there to YOUR site? How many links are there to your COMPETITOR’S sites? What % of YOUR pages are actually indexed by the search engines? How does that compare with the opposition? Check if your key words or phrases are found within the first 3 pages when searching on the main Search Engines… if not, you are missing out on major traffic volumes.

If you already know enough about Search Engine Optimisation, go straight to our website SEO audits page and request an audit.

How Do Search Engine Optimisation Tips Work?

Search engine optimisation is part art and part science. The goal of the search engines is to deliver the most relevant results to each searcher, whilst your goal is to achieve a good flow of qualified traffic – people who want what you sell. The two goals are not mutually exclusive – if you focus on delivering useful, relevant and accessible content. Relevancy, from a web site’s perspective, is determined by multiple factors, some main examples include;

Form vs Function

SEO Tips: Mistake No.1 – to focus on how it looks at the expense of how it works! Can search engine spiders access the internal pages? If you use “splash” pages, FRAMES, JavaScript menus or Flash and have no internal text links, then you’ve probably shot yourself in the foot. Few Search Engines will penetrate through the JavaScript and Flash code to internal pages, meaning much of your site is invisible! A key design rule is to ensure every internal page is accessible to the search engines!

Do your users have to suffer through a Splash page with a logo and a “Click to Enter Site”? This is bad form… The attention span of users is limited, and immediate gratification is required. Many viewers still use 56k dial-up – many more are on mobile devices using 3G or 4G data access. Design for the user, don’t indulge the designer’s urge to demonstrate his graphical genius. An SEO agency expert will guide you through the elimination of the undesirable elements of your website.


SEO Tips address design flaws…

Who You Are vs What You Do

SEO Tips: Mistake No.2 – to emphasise the WHO and overlook the WHAT part of the search/user equation. Potential customers are looking for what you offer, and usually are less likely to be looking for who you are.

E.g. if you are selling blue plastic bath toys, make it plainly obvious! Starting off with “Welcome to Joe’s Amazing Plastic Factory” and/or wasting the Home Page on a company biography is NOT going to attract visitors, nor sell products!

Optimised sites concentrate on the services/products offered…

How Good Website Content Drives Traffic

SEO Tips – Mistake No.3 – Forgetting to ensure that the site actually contains a substantial volume of information relevant to the anticipated needs of your target market!

  • Do you know who your target market is?
  • Do you know how they  search for what you sell?
  • What words or phrases are used by searchers?
  • Does the site emphasise this by appropriate title, description, keyword and other meta-tags?
  • Do the body text, page headers, and internal content pages support the site’s title and theme with considered use of the anticipated search keywords?

Optimising ensures a consistent theme followed throughout the content…


SEO Tips: Mistake No.4 – overlooking the vital importance of links. Search engines reward sites that are regarded as a significant authority within the community of of sites relating to the search term. If you have lots of content, and lots of people link to you because of this, rankings rise accordingly.

  1. Conversely, low-quality incoming links, often referred to as back-links, are a punishable offence at Google HQ.
  2. Internal links are also important, and individual content pages accrue importance within the site according to the quantity and context of internal links.However, over-optimisation is penalized harshly.
  3. Outgoing links are also important, because unrestrained linking to external sites can diminish your own sites Page Rank.
  4. Quality of links is more important than the total number of links. One good incoming link from a trusted site in your genre is worth a thousand dodgy links.

E.g. This hypothetical example has three sites relating to Aviation, both have similar content, structure, layout etc:

  • Site 1 has 5 incoming links from aviation related sites
  • Site No.2 has 150 miscellaneous links from “link farms” or “free for all” links programs.
  • Site 3 has 17 incoming links from aviation related sites

All other things being equal, a search for aviation will return Site 3 at the top of the results.

Optimisers assesses and addresses links…

How Keywords Work in SEO

SEO Tips: Mistake No.5 – Using the “shotgun” approach to keywords. You need to know how your potential clients/customers/visitors will search for what you offer. Keywords are talked about a lot, but not well understood. It is not a matter of searching out the dozens, or in some cases hundreds, or words which are related to your site’s central theme – and then stuffing all of them into a Keyword meta-tag.

That is guaranteed to tank your rankings – keyword stuffing is spamming, and the Panda algorithm will demote affected pages, and perhaps even the entire site if the practice is widespread.

Rather, you should approach the issue from two perspectives – what you sell, and how potential customers currently look for that. Determine the types of searches that people make, and ensure your site is “optimised” or focused on the keyword terms most likely to bring in “qualified traffic” – those who actually want what you offer!

SEO consultants focus heavily of keywords and phrases which define your site’s central theme…

How Website Audit & SEO Review Identifies Problems

A methodical website audit and SEO examination scrutinises literally dozens of components built into search engine ranking algorithms. and the more of them you get “right” on your site, the more effective it will be. I’ve previously been awarded national and international awards for innovation in information technology, and have a reputation for excellence in my efforts. I look forwards to the challenge of helping you with your site development.

We’ll take a look at site architecture, faults, current rankings, and give you a detailed report totake your site to “the crest of the wave!”

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