SEO Strategies

Evaluating SEO Quotes

When evaluating SEO proposals, the hardworking small business owner is often far too trusting, and blissfully unaware of “current best practice.” Instead, they accept the salesman’s assurances, and award their trust… They remain optimistic that their faith will be rewarded by an ethical approach to a complex task, and…


How to: Website Migration Service – New Hosting & Server

Need website migration services to shift your website to a new server as part of a change of hosting provider? Domain / website migration can be a complicated procedure the first time you need to do it, and this guide is aimed at de-mystifying the process… Primarily focused on how to migrate a WordPress website …

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Language, Linguistics, Semantics & Search

Semantic search is important because search engines primarily work with words with in text content elements… By definition, they know a lot about the semantics of natural language, about meanings and relationships between words. Various patented techniques analyse the text content across your website in ever more complex ways to assess; What your website is …

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How to: Bad Link Removal & Google Disavow to Fix Penalties

Bad link removal became a big issue when Google tightened the screws on what they determine to be participation in manipulative link schemes. This has been tackled from both sides of the link equation; he who giveth, and he who taketh away… Those who give out links from a site; Any site engineered to manipulate …

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What is SEO and How it Works

Despite the many and varied articles written on how SEO is done, most people have only a vague appreciation of WHY it is absolutely essential. As the economic downturn bites into revenue streams, can you afford to ignore a key website business strategy?


How to Choose a Domain Name

Choose a Domain Name – Registration When you need to choose a Domain Name – is it an important decision with long-term impacts? A resounding “Yes!” – the selected domain name registered is a ve.ry important element in the overall scheme of things, for a variety of reasons. As part of a new website launch, …

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