Social Media SEO


Social media optimisation (SMO) and social network SEO is all about developing a credible presence on the main social media networks.

By leveraging the inherent traffic potential in the enormous social media network membership, there is the potential to expand your reach into areas that other advertising mechanisms don’t reach. This is one of many affordable & professional SEO services I offer, and it is achieved by connecting your website business with associated accounts on these (and other) sites;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube

Your business can communicate with customers in new ways, bypassing traditional print media and interacting directly with your consumers.

Social Bookmarking Submissions

Social bookmarking is the current revolution on the web – essentially, it’s almost a way of bypassing the Search Engines, and finding things based on referrals by other people. Currently, if you like a site, you “bookmark” it for your personal use. “Social” bookmarking is an extension of that, where you can share what you like / dislike with the world. 🙂

Sites like digg + Yahoo Search myweb2 beta + reddit +  Furl + StumbleUpon etc can generate large amounts of short-term traffic, which can be great if you need publicity for particular event / product / service etc. Write a review, post it on your site or blog, then use Social Bookmarking to help make more people aware of it. If they like it, they “tag” or endorse it – its viral… It’s not about direct sales pitches, more about sharing knowledge…

Social book marking can increase the traffic to your site. The fact that each new book marker could tag your site with new keywords demonstrates the viral nature of the potential visibility at the social bookmarking sites. This viral publicity growth could put your site in front of growing numbers of visitors.

Social book marking may also harm your search engine ranking!

Bookmarks are links to your site. If you receive multiple links from multiple low-quality social bookmarking sites, your own search engine ranking could hit new lows! Google treats these links just like links from low-quality SEO-friendly directories. You may need an expert SEO consultant to analyse this aspect of your website.

Beware Social Bookmarking Service Promises

Since Google revised its Webmaster Guidelines, it has become extremely risky to actively seek out new links in any way, shape or form. Google advise that you do nothing to attract links other than provide first-class content on your website.

Services to garner new social bookmarking links abound on the internet;

  • They promise thousand of unique Facebook likes
  • They offer to “bookmark” your site’s products and services on hundreds of social media sites
  • They still urge you generate deep links to internal pages to boost rankings
  • They will ‘tag” your new bookmarks with relevant keywords established via keyword research.

The implied promise is that your site could come to the notice of the 10’s of thousands of visitors at social bookmark sites in a series of different ways:

  • During the period the bookmark remains on the front page (new submissions go there), visitors could see the description, and if it is intriguing, may click through to see what it is all about.
  • If the topic of your site interests these visitors, they might add their own bookmarks pointing to your site, along with their own tags. These add to the links pointing to your site.
  • Users of social bookmark sites search for information using tags. If your submission has been tagged with the words they are searching, either originally or by new bookmarkers, it could be displayed to users who search using those particular tags.

These bookmark sites are reputedly visited by millions of visitors everyday! Social bookmarking is viral publicity, the online equivalent of word-of-mouth which can help you to reach thousands of “new” people!

The Social Bookmarking Reality

There are very few Social Media websites that have earned respect, credibility and trust. All of the others are visited by Googlebot and links to your website are found. They are then (dis)credited as participation in a  manipulative link building scheme. Your website rankings are downgraded, your traffic plummets and you are left wondering how to reverse the Penguin links penalty.

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