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This site was only registered in September 2021. Site’s that are less that a year old are particularly challenging to work on. When I was engaged to implement WordPress SEO, it had minimal rankings and a dearth of good incoming links. So, a WordPress SEO Services Package plus a Local Citation Building Services Package were the obvious options to remedy the situation.

Work began after 4th April 2022, with the first focus being on getting the citation link building process underway. Without any good links, a site cannot prosper. However, you absolutely don’t need lots of links to prosper. In fact, on a new site, suddenly accumulating a lot of links can be a red flag at Google HQ because its just not normal!

Next, keyword research, which revealed that initial keywords added by owner to the Home page (pet listings) were very low volume search phrases (10 per month) and a refocus was essential.

On classified listing and ecommerce sites, SEO is not so easy. The best hope for top rankings is the Category pages, by adding several paragraphs of explanatory text above the listings.

It became evident that the “Listing” design theme had some shortcomings, most notably in actively preventing category descriptions content from appearing in the Category pages. That’s an unusual situation:

  • Usually a plugin will facilitate category description display where a theme does not automate it.
  • Alternatively, editing the theme’s archive template page to insert the required PHP will do it.

On this theme, nothing worked – except breaking the entire site’s page layouts when I edited the template slightly!

Benchmark SERPs:

First week in June: This was the point at which the work that was done began to have a demonstrable impact on rankings. A flurry of new entrants.

WordPress SEO Services SERPs

May: 6.2% of traffic from search engines (,, DuckDuck.go, Bing & Yahoo)

31.7% from “other websites” such as Facebook etc

Content: Plan B

Generate a number of Blog Topic pages with highly specific / relevant “pets” topics, and use links from those to lift the profile of relevant Category pages… Under my guidance, the owner created 10 Topic posts:

Topic Based Posts

I optimised those Topic posts in a variety of ways:

  • Keywords in Content, Titles, Descriptions, Image Alt texts
  • Added links to a relevant Category
  • Added Related Posts in the page
  • Added Related Links to increase crosslinking of all content (posts, listings etc)

The First Blog Post (Article / Topic) was posted on 26th May… 9 more followed by 20th June

June: 6.4% of traffic from search engines (,, DuckDuck.go, Bing & Yahoo)

29.2% from “other websites” such as Facebook etc

SERPs: 22 June

SERPs 2022 06 22a
SERPs 2022 06 22b

SERPs: 30 July:

The benefits of those 10 blog Topic posts really began to kick into action through out July. By the end of the month, almost 60 keyword search phrases were in Page #1 positions on Google.

SERPs 2022 07 30a
SERPs 2022 07 30b
SERPs 2022 07 30c
SERPs 2022 07 30d

8.1% of traffic from search engines (,, DuckDuck.go, Bing & Yahoo)

20.9% from “other websites” such as Facebook etc

Latest SERPs: 11 August 2022

At this point, there are:

  • 79 highly relevant keyword search phrases in Page #1 position in Google:
  • And rankings growth has not slowed…

SERPs 2022 08 11a 1
SERPs 2022 08 11b
SERPs 2022 08 11c
SERPs 2022 08 11d
SERPs 2022 08 11e
SERPs 2022 08 11f

SEO Case Study Summary:

As is usually the case, rankings continue to rise long after the initial work is completed. This is partly due to:

  • Google’s filters continuing to analyse, recalibrate and refilter the content expansion and the internal links
  • AND adjust rankings as new external links are found and credited to the site.

In this example, I’ve optimised a very difficult site that has yet to reach its first birthday and in the space of 3 and a half months:

  • It’s now got almost 80 relevant keyword search phrases into Page #1 on
  • Many of those are the most relevant and highest search volume phrases – +1,000 searches per month…

This illustrates what is possible IF you can work around any impediments within the site AND there are no headwinds such as low quality links created by previous SEO contractors to contend with.

NOTE: I cannot guarantee results like this…

BUT I will guarantee that I can make a demonstrable difference on any site that I work on.