This site was struggling to get of the ground for a variety of reasons.

  • No incoming links, thus no credibility / trust
  • Content quality issues – spelling, grammar & punctuation errors
  • Keyword deficits in Titles, no Descriptions, and no Alt tags
  • Cryptic URLs lacking relevant keywords
  • No internal links within main column content
  • Poor configuration of Yoast SEO
  • Load speed issues: no caching, huge images
  • No external links with NAP data, and a non-optimised My Business listing
  • No pages indexed by Google…
Google Index Search 2021 11 09

Google’s Search Console “Performance” tab

This Chart below shows where we began…

  1. No Links: the ragged “Average Position” line from Dec 2021 until early March is indicative of no links from reputable sources, therefore no trust factor aiding the site.
  2. Content Quality: compounds the problem…
RHES Search Console Screenshot 2022 06 16

The SEO Solution: on-site and off-site works…

Implementing IndexNow to ensure pages got indexed as they got repaired. A comprehensive revision of all content across the site, addressing the issues found. Page load speed / Core Web Vitals optimisation, including full image optimisation. At the same time, implementing a Citation Building project to acquire some high-quality links with a consistent NAP (name, address & phone), and a 70/30 mix of dofollow and nofollow formats.

At Point 2 in the above chart, in early March the picture began to change. All pages indexed, and some of the new backlinks discovered by Google.

Initial Rankings:

On 7th March, some relevant keyword phrases entered the picture, and several of those rankings were attached to internal pages. So the indexing problem is solved and Google likes what it finds…

SERPs 2022 03 07a

2 Weeks Later…

SERPs 2022 03 21

The proof of the pudding is in the eating…

5 Months Later… May 12th

Rankings are still slowly expanding. There’s the usual ups and downs, especially in the Maps rankings, and no Local Search appearance yet, despite this being a an optimised “My Business” listing with a fixed Address rather than a Coverage Area…

RHES SERPs Screenshot 2022 06 16

6 Months Later – 11 July

Rankings are still expanding steadily. We are still waiting for local search (maps) rankings to catch up with organic rankings.

SERPs 2022 07 11

The client is happy…