The Detectologist

This site was created in 2020, and then underwent a complete redesign in 2021, including some SEO magic dust…

Rankings in 2020


Rankings in 2021

As at 10th December 2021, there were no Local Search results.

SERPs2021 12 10

At that point, it was clear that some Citation Building was in order…

Citations Screenshot

Rankings in early 2022

The Citation Building process appears to have tipped that scales in terms of Local Search rankings, and the site now appears prominently.

Genealogist June 2022
Genealogist SERPs June 16 2022

Rankings: 31 July 2022

SERPs July 31 2022a
SERPs July 31 2022b
SERPs July 31 2022c

It has successfully made it unscathed through multiple major Google ranking algorithm adjustments..

Its the beneficiary of a:

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