SEO Management Services

Conceptual visualisation of  SEO process monitoring and maintenance
Conceptual visualisation of SEO process monitoring and maintenance – we can do that!

SEO management services are provided on an “as required” basis for managing an account, or a set number of hours per month by way of a monthly retainer for maintaining an account.

Once your initial business SEO services package has been implemented, you do get a bit of a breathing space. However, the world of SEO does not stand still, and Google is pumping out revisions to algorithms, and new ones, at a prodigious rate.

In terms of monthly ongoing work, we can perform a variety of managerial tasks, such as monitoring incoming links, search engine rankings, traffic and AdWords campaign management.

SERPs Reporting & SEO Management Services

  • Search engine ranking reports
  • Providing advice relating to trends on those reports
  • Suggesting website content quality improvements in reaction to search engine algorithm changes
  • Tweaking and/or extending Google AdWords  / Overture campaigns in reaction to “Impressions vs. Clicks” statistics etc
  • Reviewing website statistics and making suggestions based on trends, patterns, entry and exit page variations, average visit durations etc.

SEO Management Services

  • Suggesting site improvements in response to new techniques or opportunities that arise from changes to SEO best practice, or new research. (We monitor several weekly and monthly Search Engine newsletters and speciality sites to stay abreast of those changes.)
  • Keyword and/or content suggestions
  • Assessing social media opportunities

As a reputable SEO agency operator, I stand by my workmanship and prefer to establish long-term business relationships with my clients.

Given that low-quality links from SEO-friendly directories, social bookmarking, forums, blogs and sundry other link schemes are toxic to rankings, an opportunity is open to unpleasant competitors. For some, it’s easier and cheaper to “Negative SEO a competitor’s rankings than it is to fix the shortcomings on their own sites. Dragging your site down to their level, in essence…

Monthly reviews of your incoming link profile are a sound business risk management strategy. It can take months to repair the damages caused by negative SEO, and getting a prompt “heads-up” on a threat is better than waiting until it’s a fully-fledged disaster.

Most clients with “mission-critical” websites budget 2 – 4 hours per month for ongoing monitoring, reporting and SEO maintenance of their sites, as a way of maintaining and/or improving their rankings. Contact us for a website SEO maintenance quote

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