Web Design Issues

Best Practices for Web Redesign

Redesign an Existing Website

Website redesign best practices takes account of the current SERPs status. A careful web redesign proposal assesses and factors the good and bad elements of the original site into the rebuild process. Contact The SEO Guy for prompt professional advice!

Splash Pages

Flash Pages & Splash Intros

Using a “splash” or “intro” animation on a pseudo-Home page, followed by a redirect to the intended Home page, severely impedes good search rankings. Despite the volumes of warnings about incorrect use of Flash, I still see entire sites constructed with it. The problem is, its audience is severely constrained because Google will never send visitors to it because its entire content is completely and utterly invisible…

File Naming Conventions

File naming is an element of SEO that most people pay little attention to, yet its a crucial issue for two key reasons; When a reference to one of your pages shows up within Search Engine Page Results, the URL – or page file name might well be the final push that slides the mouse pointer in your favor. Equally, when search engine spiders are mapping your site and trying to figure out what on earth its all about, giving them some accurate information in every possible area would seem like a smart move, right? Keywords in file names are important, and they do make a difference.


How to Choose a Domain Name

Choose a Domain Name – Registration When you need to choose a Domain Name – is it an important decision with long-term impacts? A resounding “Yes!” – the selected domain name registered is a ve.ry important element in the overall scheme of things, for a variety of reasons. As part of a new website launch, …

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Web Design for SEO

Best practice in website design means that key design criteria should be planned for and included so that the web site, as launched, will require minimal remedial search engine optimisation.