WordPress Plugins

WordPress Website Maintenance

The WordPress CMS, like all website software applications, requires maintenance to keep everything tuned and working well. There are several aspects to that, further detailed on the Website Maintenance services page. This page is specific to WordPress, including; WordPress Security & Features Its important to apply updates to the WordPress core and plugins as they …

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social-media publishing

Social Media Network Publishing Plugin

Social Media Network Publishing of content to social media sites can consume a lot of your valuable time. By the time you’ve updated Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and then posted on your website, hours of productive time can be lost. Multiply that across multiple posts and Social Media becomes more of a liability than an …

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WordPress SEO Tutorial

This WordPress SEO tutorial continues on from the earlier Basic WordPress SEO article. we still have a few more cards up our sleeve that we can play to gain some additional Advanced WP SEO traction. One important aspect is getting relevant exact-match keyword search phrases distributed across multiple on and off page elements. Search engines …

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