WordPress SEO


10 WordPress Search Engine Optimisation Tips

The world of SEO has changed rapidly and dramatically in the past couple of years. SEO now encompasses several issues that many site owners have yet to come to grips with. Mobile friendly and responsive design, HTML5, SSL / HTTPS security and and page load speed…

Blogs for SEO – How to Get Started

Implementing blogs for SEO: a Blog (weB log) is an excellent way to steadily increase the the depth of content on your site in an easy and efficient manner. Utilising a Blog as a business enhancement tool is arguably better than a newsletter. Although, a blog can easily be the source of an automated newsletter …

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WordPress SEO Tutorial

This WordPress SEO tutorial continues on from the earlier Basic WordPress SEO article. we still have a few more cards up our sleeve that we can play to gain some additional Advanced WP SEO traction. One important aspect is getting relevant exact-match keyword search phrases distributed across multiple on and off page elements. Search engines …

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How To SEO WordPress

How to SEO WordPress is a question almost all WP site owners ask – eventually. Search engine optimisation (WP SEO) options are many and varied. Picking the right options makes a huge difference to SERPs (search engine results pages) outcomes. There’s also a complication with many new design themes being distributed with SEO functionality already …

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Content Management Systems & SEO Revisited

Two years ago, in an article entitled “Content Management Systems Equal Business Suicide” I suggested that at that time, CMS applications were inherently devoid of basic SEO functionality. Using existing CMS versions of 2 years ago consigned many sites to the oblivion of Google’s supplementary index. Since then, things have changed markedly.