Add Google Reviews Request to Email Signatures

How do you increase the number of Google reviews you have? It’s actually quite straightforward. You should simply make requesting them a regular component of your business procedures.

Consider how many emails you send to customers each day, week, and month. Consider converting each of those emails into a chance to expand and strengthen your internet presence. I’m sure that’s appealing, so read on to learn how you can do it, or ask your SEO agency for assistance.

You’re probably aware that email signatures are an important aspect of your digital marketing strategy. One simple change to your email signature may result in improved SEO and more customers overall.

You can readily coax clients to your Google Business Profile listing page by including a “Review Us” link in your email signature. This empowers them to share their positive experience with prospective customers.

To understand how to put this powerful marketing tool to work for your business, read this handy guide to get started!

It’s a bit fiddly, but once you have the basic information you’re good to go.

Go to your Google My Business listing & click “View on Search”

1 View Onsearch

Scroll down to the “Get more reviews” button… 

When you click that button, a box with a link to get more reviews of your listing appears

Copy that link– use it in your Email Signature by adding it as a link to the text you want to show – as per my signature below.
Depending on what Email client you are using (Outlook, Gmail etc.) the instructions for editing your signature will vary slightly: – but you can search for instructions for that on Google too… 

Example Email Signature

Got a moment? Please click here to open my “Google Reviews” page & leave a review:

Google Reviews - email signature

How Else Can You Ask For Reviews?

Other great times to ask for reviews are:

  • Right after payment of your ‘services’ invoice.
  • When a client makes a positive comment about your work
  • When you’ve made a sale – add a Review Request to your Shop’s Email Templates.

Anytime your clients are happy, they could well be ready and willing to share their positive testimonials!  Just send them a quick email like this…

Hi!  Thanks very much for the opportunity to be of service.  I want to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the service/product you’ve received.  If so, would you mind taking just a moment to leave us a review?

By creating a system within both your email signatures and invoice templates, you’ll consistently be asking politely for reviews and seeing new reviews trickling steadily in. 

By implementing a good Google Reviews plugin on your website yourself, or getting an SEO specialist to assist, you can automate the extraction of Reviews from Google, and display them in carefully selected locations on your website. Good locations for single or double Reviews are the Home page, About Us and Contact pages, and anywhere you are promoting a Service you sell/deliver. A full grid of all Google Reviews is perfect for a Testimonials page!

Google Reviews Plugins

These are covered in How to Display Google Reviews for “Service Area” listings

Automating the acquisition of reviews, accompanied by an automated display on your website, leads to a stronger and better online reputation, more new leads, and more sales!

Why Do Google Reviews Matter?

Because those Reviews Affect your SEO Rankings!

Why? The answer is simple – Google trusts the power of word-of-mouth marketing. It factors in the quantity and quality of reviews to evaluate the search position. Just as customers use online reviews to validate their purchase decisions, search engines such as Google take a similar view. This is a consideration in our Local SEO services, and citation building because there is a direct correlation between 5-star reviews and both organic and map rankings… It’s estimated that having a dozen or so 5-star reviews can boost your rankings by 15%.

Google reviews posted through a Google Business Profile page are the most valuable reviews for many local businesses.

Before technology changed the way people discovered businesses, word of mouth defined a company’s success or failure. If lots of people spoke well about a corporation, its profitability would be significantly improved.

Make a customer happy, and they may tell 10 people. Make a customer unhappy and they may tell 100 people!

Today, word of mouth continues to have a significant impact on your business. The big difference is that your brand’s reputation is now digital, available globally via Google Reviews, TripAdvisor, Yelp etc.

Online reviews are the fifth most influential factor in determining a business’s rating, according to a study. The impact of Google reviews on SEO has increased by more than 20 per cent year-over-year as of 2017. This percentage will continue to rise as a growing number of consumers rely on online reviews to make educated purchasing decisions.

Moreover, Google reviews and Google Maps are complementary. An optimised Google Business listing that is well-optimised can help businesses raise their visibility, acquire a competitive edge, and rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Google evaluates the volume, quality, frequency, and currency of internet reviews.

A business with a significant number of consistently positive ratings and reviews is more likely to be rewarded by mainstream search engines. For example, Google acknowledges that a rating of 4.5 or higher demonstrates customer confidence in a brand.

Both positive and negative reviews affect the reputation of a business. Learn how to display your Google reviews on your service area website. The lifeblood of SEO is acquiring new reviews on authoritative platforms such as Google My Business.

Relevant Search Services

How do Google Reviews Influence Local 3 Pack and Natural Search Positions?

Google reviews are an excellent tool not just for converting searchers into consumers, but also for boosting your ranking.

Acquiring and encouraging consumers to submit keyword-rich evaluations has local SEO and business-wide benefits. Customers may submit evaluations regardless of whether you ask them to or not. Even unfavourable evaluations can have a positive impact if they are swiftly and positively addressed. Perhaps the worst thing a business can do is not respond to a customer review to demonstrate that they are paying attention.

In addition to their impact on conversion, reviews are a local search ranking component that can either help or hurt your results. Customer reviews are a significant measure of a local business’s standing in the community. Who better to advise Google on the value of a company than its customers?

Google and other search engines appear to reward companies with more favourable ratings by placing them at the top of organic local search results in the coveted Local 3 Pack.

Local organic rankings are connected to a broader mix of on-site and off-site characteristics, whereas Map Pack rankings are mostly influenced by the quality of a company’s Google My Business page.


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