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SEO DE-Optimisation

SEO Optimization vs Over-Optimisation

Google’s influence over SEO optimization has forced consideration of over-optimisation issues. They set about eliminating any competitive advantages other than the quality of the on-page content itself… They seem intent on levelling the playing field to the point that those who previously had aces up their sleeves now gain no advantage whatsoever. Moreover, playing an …

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Language, Linguistics, Semantics & Search

Semantic search is important because search engines primarily work with words with in text content elements… By definition, they know a lot about the semantics of natural language, about meanings and relationships between words. Various patented techniques analyse the text content across your website in ever more complex ways to assess; What your website is …

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Overview of Search Engine Optimization

Launching a Non-Optimised Website Tens of thousands of websites are unleashed annually. If there’s one thing they have in common, it’s a desire to successfully draw in visitors and achieve a positive outcome. Be it more readers, increased sales or bookings etc. Website development / design and SEO are related but distinctly different aspects of …

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Have Your Google Rankings Dropped Suddenly?

A number of reputable SEO authorities report a great deal of ranking turbulence from 1 Feb 2017. They attribute that to Google implementing new mechanisms to detect and discount Private Blog Network links. As a general rule, any aggressive link building efforts are high-risk.


Website Content Guidelines

Rewarding high-quality website content is supposedly a primary goal at Google HQ, and is stated as being at the core of both Panda & Penguin and sundry interim algorithm updates. In light of that, perhaps some clarification of the “content quality” concept is in order? What Is Content? Content is made up of multiple elements, …

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Splash Pages

Flash Pages & Splash Intros

Using a “splash” or “intro” animation on a pseudo-Home page, followed by a redirect to the intended Home page, severely impedes good search rankings. Despite the volumes of warnings about incorrect use of Flash, I still see entire sites constructed with it. The problem is, its audience is severely constrained because Google will never send visitors to it because its entire content is completely and utterly invisible…

Google Supplemental Index

Google Supplemental Results Index is NOT a place you want to be! The way you end up in there is if your pages are so badly described or categorised, Google could scarcely decide if there was a difference between them. Bottom line is, if you don’t take the time and effort to make your pages …

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google analytics accuracy

Google Analytics Accuracy – Or Lack Thereof

How to Use & Interpret Google Analytics Correctly Google Analytics accuracy is not infallible. There are multiple issues that impact on its accuracy, including the software platform it’s operating from. That would not be a problem if the average website owner / user actually understood real purpose of Google Analytics. Analytics is NOT designed to …

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