Lloyd Brooke Furniture

Nov 2021

This is where we started out…

SERPs 2021 11 21

What We Did…

WordPress SEO Package – applying some SEO magic dust on the contents of every page and product, plus page load speed optimisation, image optimisation etc…

Citation Building – 25 links + Data Aggregation submissions, completed 1 December.

Dec 2021

4 weeks later…

SERPS 2021 12 20a
SERPS 2021 12 20b

The change to the ranking results was little short of spectacular! Mostly because there was a lot of unique and authoritative page content – the site’s shortcoming was lack of optimisation and focus. By spreading the array of targeted keywords correctly across relevant pages, and implementing page load speed optimisation (caching and image optimisation etc), Google was better able to assess WHAT the pages were actually about.

June 2022

The rankings improvement have continued for the past 6 months, oblivious to the major Google algorithm change in May… There’s the usual volatility – some swings and roundabouts etc. But overall, still going upward.

SERPS 2022 06 17a
SERPS 2022 06 17b
SERPS 2022 06 17c

December 2022: initiated a Local Search SEO project to implement Location & Product schema data in an effort to secure some Local 3 Pack search results. The results of that are now showing up in the search results, with Reviews and Price etc displaying.

Schema Data SEO Enhancements

What the client thinks…