Website Maintenance Services for WordPress

In my experience as an SEO consultant, keeping your website up to date is an important factor in SEO. Content should be revised to accommodate changes in your services, best practices, regulations and the like. Nothing stands still in the structure of your website either – WordPress core files, plugins and themes are constantly evolving. Server software – Apache, PHP, MySql is evolving. Many of the software updates involve security patches and performance enhancements. That’s important because these three things have a big impact on your rankings and traffic.

  • Security – get hacked and have malware or phishing code on your site? Being blacklisted or flagged in SERPs will destroy your traffic and your credibility.
  • Page load speed – this is baked into ranking algorithms and if your site is slow, you need everything working for you. Running on the latest PHP version is faster and more secure.
  • Content – be sure to review and revise all key pages on your site at least annually. Adjust them to reflect any changes to what you do and how you do it. Ensure pages and posts have the “last modified date” embedded in them, so search engines know changes have been made.

Website maintenance services and management plans are primarily aimed at WordPress CMS sites. They offer a comprehensive array of preventive measures overlaying a disaster recovery plan.

This package is designed to maintain your site in top working order and includes the following services;

  • Daily checks for upgrades to WordPress software and updates to plugins to ensure you’ve got the latest security updates, bug fixes and product enhancements available.
  • Installation of licensed Backup Software, and automation of backup schedule. Updraftplus provides comprehensive Backup and Restore facilities and scheduling of backups which are transferred off-site to secure cloud storage.
  • Daily or Weekly Database Website Backups – receipt, storage and upkeep  of database files
  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Storage of a Full Website Backup – maintaining a copy of the entire site, plus site establishment documentation, original images etc. (Backup updated if there are any major changes)
  • Installation of premium Page Load Speed plugin – WP Rocket Cache  for top performance
  • Receipt, inspection and action of all security alerts for your website
  • Anti-Spam – installation and configuration of the automated registration and post comment spam filter.
  • Revision Management – reduces the multiple copies of page & post revisions to sensible levels
  • Database optimisation, removing transients, revisions etc – WP-Optimize
  • Web Site Helpful Content Editing – any quick amendments to pages, correcting typographical errors, broken hyperlinks.
  • Emergency Response for urgent repairs and WordPress troubleshooting any site issues »
  • Fixing website hacking attacks and self-inflicted breakages.  »
  • WP tech support services for all WordPress issues  »
  • WordPress Website Migration / Server Relocation – moving your site to new hosting  »

NB: not covered:

  • Significant website enhancements and WP development
  • Hosting accounts & email services if hosted elsewhere
  • Server maintenance outsite of our own VPS
  • SEO maintenance

Basically, can do all the trivial techie things, leaving you free to work on your core business activities!

Maintenance Services Contract

The services can be purchased by using the link below – on my Website Maintenance Services website.

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I can often bundle website maintenance services with WordPress search engine optimization services to make it more attractive to you! If you are not 100% certain what the priorities are on your site, feel free to ask for a Website SEO Audit review.

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