Evaluating SEO Quotes

When evaluating SEO proposals, the hardworking small business owner is often far too trusting, and blissfully unaware of “current best practice.” Instead, they accept the salesman’s assurances, and award their trust… They remain optimistic that their faith will be rewarded by an ethical approach to a complex task, and…

Best Practices for Web Redesign

Redesign an Existing Website

Website redesign best practices takes account of the current SERPs status. A careful web redesign proposal assesses and factors the good and bad elements of the original site into the rebuild process. Contact The SEO Guy for prompt professional advice!


Have Your Google Rankings Dropped Suddenly?

A number of reputable SEO authorities report a great deal of ranking turbulence from 1 Feb 2017. They attribute that to Google implementing new mechanisms to detect and discount Private Blog Network links. As a general rule, any aggressive link building efforts are high-risk.


10 WordPress Search Engine Optimisation Tips

The world of SEO has changed rapidly and dramatically in the past couple of years. SEO now encompasses several issues that many site owners have yet to come to grips with. Mobile friendly and responsive design, HTML5, SSL / HTTPS security and and page load speed…

SEO DE-Optimisation

SEO Optimization vs Over-Optimisation

Google’s influence over SEO optimization has forced consideration of over-optimisation issues. They set about eliminating any competitive advantages other than the quality of the on-page content itself… They seem intent on levelling the playing field to the point that those who previously had aces up their sleeves now gain no advantage whatsoever. Moreover, playing an …

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