Social Media Network Publishing Plugin


social-media publishingSocial Media Network Publishing of content to social media sites can consume a lot of your valuable time. By the time you’ve updated Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and then posted on your website, hours of productive time can be lost. Multiply that across multiple posts and Social Media becomes more of a liability than an asset!

Fortunately, there are ways to streamline your  efforts… What if you could post once on your website, and have the resulting content appear like magic on your Facebook business page, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts? If you’re a heavy-duty social media user, with multiple accounts across a dozen or so popular sites, you could save some SERIOUS time with the Network Publisher plugin for WordPress!

The network publishing process is free for 1 website with 2 social media networks, so if you’re a Fb & LinkedIn user, its not going to cost you anything. Publishing up to 10 websites across 200 Social Media links is a very modest $4.99 per month. Given the potential to save innumerable hours of work, that’s a very good deal indeed. Payment can be done via the PayPal subscription process so its also “set and forget.” If you have no idea what shape your social media profile is in, ask for a seo content audit.

How Social Media Network Publishing Works

Like all complex setup processes that solve awkward problems, its not a 5 minute job. However, given the future time-saving potential, think of it as an investment…

1.) Download and install the Network Publisher plugin

2.) Create an account on – the author of Network Publisher

3.) Under Account / Settings, find your API Key

4.) Add your LinksAlpha API Key to the Network Publisher settings on your website

5.) On,

  • add your website
  • add your Networks (Social Media accounts)
  • use the Publish option to connect your website to each of your Social Media networks
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At that point, you are done with the setup part of the process. From that point onwards, publishing a new post on your website automatically sends the content to your LinksAlpha account, where it is in turn published to the Social Media accounts you’ve created.

There are other plugins that are more or less designed to do a similar job. This is the one I now use on 4 of my own websites, publishing to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Whilst its early days, thus far, I’ve been very pleased with the results.

If you are technically challenged and can’t be bothered with the complexities of getting it all set up, this is one of my search engine optimization services options and I’d be happy to do it all for you, for a modest fee.